Privacy Policy

 No Collection Of Personally Identifiable Information (pii)

Our cloud-based marketing reporting platform does not collect, use, or store PII.

 Use Of Data

We use the data you provide, as well as data we gather from numerous other sources, to produce our customized reports for you. We also maintain such data – always aggregated and de-identified and/or anonymized – indefinitely for purposes of longitudinal (long-term) analytics, and for machine learning and artificial intelligence training.

 Communications With You

For administrative purposes, we keep copies of your communications with us to correspond with you. If you do not enter into a business relationship with us, we will be happy to delete such communications if you so request. For proper recordkeeping purposes we reserve the right to maintain archival (inactive) copies of all communications. In the unlikely event of a data breach, we will comply with all applicable data breach laws regarding notification, remediation, etc. We will not release to any third party the contents of your communications with us or information about your organization that you provide, except to the extent we are required to do so as a result of legal process, or to the extent you or your organization specifically permit us to do so. You may opt out of communications at any time by sending us a written request to that effect.

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